Monthly Archives: February 2015

Missing the ship


We have missed the ship.

A ship that’s destiny was beautiful shores.

Instead our route only holds fond memories,

As soon we will be distant friends,

Lovers, who did not give love

A chance.

No more will I be able to hope

Wait and pray that I’ll see you,

Even just for a few moments.

The anger of our silence eats away at my heart,

As we owe our heartache

To each other.

I know we’ll hug, depart as companions

But wish we’d exchanged our feelings.

I try not to think of what could or would have been.

If I had only been brave enough

To face my fears and admit,

I like you.

But the moment has passed.

And there will not even be the chance

To hold your hand,

Touch your face, as you’ll be gone.

Out of my life.

Take a breath


Take a breath
Take a minute
Take a look is it different?

Take a breath
ask a question.
Where do you turn?
Which direction?
Who will die?
Who will live?
Who will care about them?

Take a step
Make a change
Will your heart agree with your brain?
Can you win or will you loose?
Sacrifice, a thing you choose.

Life’s a never ending choice
And that’s all I know
But with each proceeding step
you will grow.
Take a chance
Learn a lesson
Take a breath
Answer a question.