Monthly Archives: April 2015



To look back, to actually contemplate, and delve into the memories. We are blinded, jaded. Almost amused at the fact that from birth, up until now, at what we have become. As a person, as a human being. Not only our goals, but our morals, our innocence. Our desires, pleasures, weaknesses, and strengths. We view them, but do we actually consider them relevant?

Who would, right? Those who care about things like that? I guess it is all a matter or importance. What we “think” to be important. To be honest, those who know wouldn’t be smiling. They wouldn’t be laughing. They would be frightened. Petrified. Merely because what we consider to be of great importance, truly has no relevance with life, and what is meant to become of it.

So it is complex to contemplate why people, in their right mind, fixate on the irrelevant issues opposed to the relevant ones.

Suddenly, numbers become more important that context. Everything loses its meaning, and we only think in digits, and material.

Those who do this, lose touch with reality, with people. They lose friends, loved ones. Not noticing that such a ridiculous ideal could have such a dramatic effect on their whole life.

When you compare it to what your personal belief on what life is supposed to involve, it seems quite obvious that there are issues that need to be addressed with your belief.