Monthly Archives: May 2015



Do you ever feel like you’re fighting an unwinnable battle
Nothing you do will ever be right
Nothing you do will ever be good enough
Things will never pan out
You will never get what you want out of life
You can try with all of your heart
And all of your soul
But you are just not meant to succeed
You are not meant to be happy
The moments you experience
Only provided to tease you
To show you what you’re missing
To show you what you don’t deserve
To remind you what you’ll never truly have


Laying in the dark


Laying in the dark
Before the final hour
Before the final minute
That I fall asleep
I think of you – thinking

My heart beats for you
As thoughts travel in silence
Across the sky and through stars
Sending you my love
To guide you while you’re dreaming

Although I’m alone
I smile and close my eyes
Your essence lies here tonight
Feeling you with me
I softly whisper goodnight