Monthly Archives: June 2015

Take Attendance


Do you recall as a student, one of the very first things your teachers typically did was take attendance each morning.  S/he would go down the list and call each students’ name and you know you hollered “Present!” like the rest of us!

Do you ever stop and take attendance to note who is actually present in your life?  Often we’re so concerned about who we are with that we don’t take the time to note whose with us.  Stop for a moment and reflect on who in your life is really with YOU and who is actually with your TITLES or your TOYS.  Trouble has a way of telling on folks.  Try taking attendance in your life after your title is snatched and your toys have shrunk in comparison to the next persons.

A creative mind


I love the way people try and understand, thoughts and feelings about life’s master plan, truth and beauty, deception and lies, love or hate is just a disguise.
I often fantasize about another life, one in which you cannot hide, the meaning that’s shown behind your eyes.
Sometimes I wonder on all the above, sometimes I question the theory of love and sometimes I’m told it’s all just a lie, but really it shows just a creative mind.

Movement in Life


In life, you are always moving in some direction.

When you think that you are just going to stop and take a breather…the world doesn’t stop moving with you. You just end up moving backwards.

You are always moving in some direction and both are a little uncomfortable most of the time.

So\you might as well not backtrack…keep yourself from having to repeat those unpleasant steps and delight in the memory of the pleasant ones…but keep pressing on!

We mustn’t give up when the pace gets slow because we might succeed with another blow…after all, nothing worth having comes easy.

The more I think about it, the more I see life as a team race. You should run as hard and as fast as you can while you have the baton in hand. And when time comes…Let It Go! Don’t hold up the team by holding on to the baton yourself.

You Do Nothing Alone!

In everything you do, someone else is affected. So…Get Ready…and when life’s baton comes back around to you, push as hard and as fast as you can…all over again!

And you’ll begin to get a little more speed and distance each time…to accomplish that next feat with a little more style and grace.