Let’s live a simple life


Happiness comes from within and it cannot be bought.  The term “bigger and better” doesn’t bring happiness in our life. On the contrary, it brings enormous debts, innumerable worries, and stress.  Our society is materialistic and revolves around greed where it literally pushes people for wanting more. A person’s success is defined but what they can afford to buy material possessions. We’re spending our time and money on buying jewelry, expensive wardrobes, bigger house, paying for a lavish wedding, or buying the latest smart phones and things that other people are buying, etc.. Stop right there!! Do you realize you’re not enjoying your life and you’re wasting it away on things that doesn’t matter. It is time for us to stop pleasing the big companies by not falling into the consumer culture: buying things we don’t really need. Instead, let’s strive to live a simple life. We will find happiness in simplicity as we will experience sufficiency and start appreciating what we have: love, family, friendship, nature, health, small pleasures, etc. Simplicity take away all the complications and stress as it will provide us with more freedom and clutter-free existence.

simple life

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