Blogging 101-Day 1: Introducing myself


Hello, my name is Nadine. I’m pretty much random. I’ll do whatever and say whatever no matter how anyone feels about it. I tend to be really honest with people because I expect people to be honest with me. I like to explore places, and I’m most tolerant of nearly all types of music with exceptions. I like colors, nature and foreign cultures. I’m an atheist but every pure heart is my temple, mosque and church. I’m a hopeless romantic; I love flowers, poetry, sunsets and long walks on the beach. I’m chronic insomniac since I was eleven but my insomnia has helped me to boost my creativity. I’m a dreamer and a rebel; nothing makes my blood boil more than racism, injustice, inequality, and discrimination. I’m vegetarian to the core since I was eight, yes even at that early age I realized that I don’t need an animal sacrifice to eat. I’m never really sure of anything. I’m just 100% sure that nothing ever stays the same, and I embrace that. Thus why I don’t even know what my favorite songs are. (Why? Because our preferences change with life. Don’t suppress the change.) My interests vary like my moods, I’m often called strange, mysterious and interesting, and I like it.

I love to write about everything: love, society, life, religion, politics, poetry, music, feelings, etc Writing gives me daily opportunities to be alone with my thoughts. Writing is something that occupy me from thinking about how harsh and difficult life can be. Writing makes me alive as it is a way to let your soul flows onto empty paper where you transform this blank canvas into beautiful art. Writing can sometimes be used as a medium to pull us away from reality and sometimes it will inspire us to change. Hopefully, one day my writing will make a difference in this world. I decided to blog as it will help me to connect with an endless list of people who just like me love to write; and only a limited number of my friends know about this blog.


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