Blogging 101-Day 2: Take control of your titles and taglines


Title: Voyager of Freedom

Tagline: Tacit Heart Journey

I have always been called different, random, out of ordinary, strange, weird, and awesome person. That’s why my title fits me perfectly as I am fiercely independent and I tend to be an individualist.  I have zero tolerance for anyone or anything that compromises or jeopardizes my freedom. Life is short and I refuse to let others suck the life and soul out of me or to identify myself with the stereotypes of society. I love the following quote (it describes me perfectly as I refuse to be chained down): “Some birds are not meant to be caged; their colors are just too bright”.  There are many social rules we have to abide and I acknowledge them however I’m not afraid of breaking the rules if I found them unnecessary that’s why I try to make up my own rules rather than follow the ones other people follow.

As for my tagline, through this blog I try to write unspoken words of your soul, because that is tacit heart. I love loving, I love ideas, I love my happiness, I love my tears, I love my freedom, I love overcoming, I love my trepidations…and I love writing about these feelings.



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    • Thank you for your kind words =) you’re right about that quote, it is from “The Shawshank Redemption”, one of my favorite movie. Thank you for your encouragement I really appreciate it ❤

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  1. What an awesome picture! I like the title of your blog! If I might, though, one tiny tweak for the tagline (I’m an English teacher- I can’t help myself); it seems a bit awkward to bump together the words heart and journey since they’re both nouns. What about changing heart to heart’s. That would still fit in with your explanation and read much more smoothly, less list-like, more like a cohesive whole. (And I love the word tacit!)


  2. I just discovered your blog. I like that you are so open minded and free spirited. It’s good to not want to be defined by society, but to find your own identity through self exploration. I look forward to reading your posts and hope you get a chance to check out my blog. 🙂

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