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When I’m not writing


What do you do when you’re not writing?

There are a lot of activities I do while I’m not writing. However, I will be looking for a carefree joy which I can only find when spending time with my little princess Nelly. Nelly is my cousin’s daughter, but I love her as if she was my own. (We have been babysitting nelly since she was 40 days old, she turned 5 this July)

Whenever I’m with Nelly I can see the flowers blooming and bees buzzing and I can feel the moon dancing around the earth or the planet dancing around the sun. Imaginative energy and magic flow all around when I’m playing with Nelly. Her innocent laughter and giggles are the reason why I feel so alive or why I could fly so high.

I could just sit hours and hours listening to her stories or reading her stories. I also enjoy stroking her hair while she is watching Frozen or Dora the Explorer for zillion times in a row, I don’t care as long I’m with her and her arms around my neck. With her I can be everything and anything: groom/bride, hero/the evil witch, the red riding hood/wolf, teacher/student, doctor/patient, etc. I also enjoy outdoor activities with her, jumping on a trampoline or a bed, running barefoot after her, or attacking each other with pillows and tickles.

Thank you princess for letting me be Peter Pan by giving me another chance to be an innocent and carefree child.


13 Words Story: Bizarre


Once again, I’m inspired by   Vibrant   to write 13 words story; this week theme is: bizarre. (You can see Anand’s entry here:

Bizarre features, he tried to hide himself in the shadows of Notre Dame.


Recreate a single day: It was a good day 14/2/2011


It was a good day 14/2/2011

I woke up at some ungodly hour, 5:30 I think it was, and groaned and thought noooo this can’t be true. I had had only about 2 hours of sleep but I was wide awake. I laid there for a while absolutely CRAVING eggs (which is weird because I don’t really like them). After about 20 minutes of hoping I’d fall back asleep, I got up and completely failed at making sunny side up eggs. (Don’t ask, I don’t know how I did it either. I even remember reading directions online.)

Later I called my best friend Manal, and invited her to go to a café so I could get some real breakfast. My mom was up at that time so I kissed her on the cheek before getting out and she said with surprise, “Happy Valentine’s Day darling’.”

I walked into the café’s and smiled as one of the employees was giving a homeless man some coffee. After eating our delish hash brown and pancakes; we decided to get some hot chocolate.

After saying goodbye to my friend, I stood at a busy intersection waiting to cross, I watched car after car speed past me. A lady that was waiting to turn smiled at me while putting on her Oil of Olay hand lotion. That was when it hit me: I want to be in that daily grind. I want to be one of those people getting up at the butt crack of dawn, getting into their freezing cars with their cup of coffee in hand, and heading to their 8-4 job. Ridiculous isn’t it?! I guess it’s because I’ve been out of a job for over a year now and staying at home with nothing to do, sleeping my days away, is getting old. It’s been old for a while now. I’m sure those people with the 8-4 jobs would love to do what I do every day (nothing), but I want what they have. That’s me though, always wanting what I don’t have.

I walked home with my English toffee cappuccino in one hand and my other hand in my pocket (Alanis Morissette.. hah), all the while with a bit of a smile on my face. Even though I couldn’t feel my face or my ears and the wind was blowing something fierce, it was a nice walk. So despite being alone at Valentine’s Day as I recently got my heart broken … And despite being hollered at by two different groups of guys , tripping on a rock, and spilling my hot chocolate on my white jacket – it’s still a good day.

If we’re having a cup coffee right now


If we’re having a cup coffee right now, we will be sitting in a coffee shop. The first thing you will notice that I’m not drinking coffee instead I’m drinking hot chocolate and you will ask me why? I will simply respond that I don’t like it and then you start explaining how much you love this magical black elixir.

If you’re having a cup of coffee with me right now, I want you to come as you are ; fake people as the three dollar bill don’t have a place in my life. So please just be you; funny, nerdy, weird, smart, shy or imperfect. With me there are no games or pretending

If you’re having a cup of coffee with me right now, we will be talking about everything and anything. I want you to be comfortable enough with me and don’t hold back. I want you to show me the hidden parts of yourself and I might even show you mine. I want to see the world from your point of view.

If you’re having a cup of coffee with me right now, I will ask you to tell me a story about reality and unreality. And if you inspired me enough I might write about your stories.

If you’re having a cup of coffee with me right now, I will invite you to play a little game. We will look at the crowd in the coffee shop and randomly pick two persons sitting with each other. We will be role-playing the conversation of these two persons by imagining what they are talking about, and who they are.





The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed.- Sebastien Chamfort

Laughing is the cheapest remedy and natural medicine as it helps you heal. Laughing brings colorful rainbows to the grey areas in your life.

According to science, you live one more day if you laugh fifteen minutes. Why you ask? Laughing can help you to reduce stress, blood pressure, improve cardiac health, memory and learning. It also helps to ease depression and anxiety. Have you heard about Norman Cousins? If you didn’t then you should. Norman suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis which a chronic disease of axial skeleton. His disease was considered to be intractable however he fought it by training himself to laugh and taking huge amount of Vitamin C. And as a result, Norman managed to drive this disease into remission.

laughing benefits

Laughing breaks all the invisible barriers as it can bring people together and help them establish strong connections by making them feel close to one another. Also, laughing reminds people that they are able to smile again and that a better perspective in life is returning. Sometimes laughing in the most unexpected times can bring relief and absolute joy in your life.

mark twain-laughing2

We only have today to live, so why not laugh and enjoy it? Why not open ourselves up to a good laugh and let it push our pain or sorrow out? Now that we are once again choosing how we feel, we have the power to opt for joy.

Can you imagine how the world would be if everyone is laughing every day? So why don’t you start with yourself today and do something that can make you laugh? It can be anything from watching a funny movie or stand-up comedy, playing with your friends or children, reading a comic book or finding a creative way to be silly.

mark twain-laughing

The space to write


I’m like a night owl, I come alive at darkness. The darkness and quietness provide me with the necessary jolt to write. I sit at my desk and everything clicks when I’m hunting for words. At that moment, words start racing through my mind and I just need to set them free. I feel like a poet investigating all subjects: love, pain, life and death. So, I grab a pen and free those words to paper in order to turn them into beautiful creations.

I don’t like to use the laptop while I’m writing, I prefer the old fashioned way: a pen and a paper. I discovered that writing by hand produces some of my best work. In addition, it’s easier to edit or write notes with a pen. I often listen to music and sip some red wine as it help me to get more inspiration for writing. In winter, I don’t need any music I just listen to the raindrops making the sweetest music on earth and at that moment nothing else exists. I also write in my head, that’s why I always keep a red notebook with me to write down random thoughts so I won’t forget about them. Sometimes, I picture myself sitting down in one Hemingway’s favorite Paris cafes, wondering what it’s like to write there.