Why Do I write?


Oh, I love writing and I am short of words to describe how much I love it!!. There’s always a sense of thrill and accomplishment whenever I write.  I love to write because it makes me feel invincible like superman flying high with my words where all the dreams are possible. I love to write because I feel like a mother giving birth to a newborn baby whenever I write/create something new ; the universe cease to exist. And at the same time I feel like this new born baby taking his first deep breath, soaking in the atmosphere knowing he/she’s alive.

Sometimes, writing can be a quest for self-discovery, that’s why I write mainly for myself and for my sense of existence. I love the following quote by Charles Bukowski:

“Writing keeps you alive because it eases the monsters in the brain by moving them to paper”.

Writing helps you eliminate any feelings of sorrow, regret, anger, stress, or guilt. All those bad feelings can be washed away when you start picking up your pen and start writing.  Writing can serve as vehicle for expressing and sharing our experiences with others. You never know who you might affect with your writing; for all you know your writing can light someone’s darkness.


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  1. Hi Nadine,

    I like the images created by your writing, very descriptive.

    May I make a suggestion? To help the reader’s eye flow comfortably, you may want to consider including paragraph breaks after sentences. I found it heard to read it all in one para.

    Also, the quote icon/tool would work well after ‘…quote by Charles Bukowski…’

    Happy blogging. Samantha

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    • Hi Samantha =)
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Thank you for bringing to my attention this issue, I seem to often neglect paragraph breaks in posts. I will try to fix this in this post later.
      I really appreciate your advice =)
      Same to you Samantha

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  2. It’s interesting to read about your motivations. It’s funny that I felt really differently about your first sentence and your second sentence! I think I’d say I don’t enjoy writing; I enjoy having written. In other words, the effort involved is exhausting. I’m not one of those people for whom the words just flow off the pen. (Admittedly, I usually use a mechanical pencil.) When I finally get something I’m relatively happy with, though, the elation is immense.

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