The space to write


I’m like a night owl, I come alive at darkness. The darkness and quietness provide me with the necessary jolt to write. I sit at my desk and everything clicks when I’m hunting for words. At that moment, words start racing through my mind and I just need to set them free. I feel like a poet investigating all subjects: love, pain, life and death. So, I grab a pen and free those words to paper in order to turn them into beautiful creations.

I don’t like to use the laptop while I’m writing, I prefer the old fashioned way: a pen and a paper. I discovered that writing by hand produces some of my best work. In addition, it’s easier to edit or write notes with a pen. I often listen to music and sip some red wine as it help me to get more inspiration for writing. In winter, I don’t need any music I just listen to the raindrops making the sweetest music on earth and at that moment nothing else exists. I also write in my head, that’s why I always keep a red notebook with me to write down random thoughts so I won’t forget about them. Sometimes, I picture myself sitting down in one Hemingway’s favorite Paris cafes, wondering what it’s like to write there.


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  1. Isn’t it interesting how people respond differently to things? I like wine and I like rain, but these would only help me to relax, not help me to write. (I’d fall asleep if I tried.) My favorite time is early in the morning, but only if there is nobody else around. If my kids are getting ready for school, I might as well try to write on a WW1 battlefield.

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