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Inspiration From The Social Media: Breaking the rules



Rules are like promises, words, and hearts are meant to be broken. Rules seep between the cracks of life to control your mind and then squeeze your neck to suffocate you. We live within an open air prison made up by society. Who makes all these rules? It’s your government, your society, your peers, your colleagues, etc. They set all the rules and decide what the norms for you are in order to keep you in check and stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone. That’s why, we struggle to be perfect all the time, but what is perfection anyway? It is just another made up illusion to keep us down. We should feel the fear and dance with it; after all we learn and grow through failure.

The walls of society are closing and ready to stifle any flame of uniqueness, creativity and imagination. These made-up rules of society will turn you eventually into a fake person, a robot or a slave. It’s time for you to release your wrists from the fierce grip of society’s rules. Get the hell out of this scary dungeon and start to color your world outside the lines. Let your soul heal. And only then you will start to have fun in your life since you’re no longer afraid to be crazy, wild, rebel, unique and weird. You will have freedom to pursue your vocation and passion in life.





I wait all day to see the lights of the city go out at night

As I’m always seduced by the long legs of the night,

Waiting for the calmness and the refreshing breeze

Where the moon become my companion for the night

As I look at the black veil of night,

I take comfort in looking at the moon and stars

Shinning so bright

At this moment, my fears, doubts, and tears are washed away tremendously

And everything appears to be smiling again

I can’t help myself but to ponder

That we need the darkness of the night

To see the light of the day

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No Regret


There are two kinds of people in your life. The ones that are going to pick you up, and the  ones that are going to push you down, but in the end, you will thank them both.

So I guess it turns out, sometimes you have to do the wrong thing. Sometimes you have to make a mistake to figure out how to make things right.
Mistakes are painful, but they are the only way to figure out who you really are.

We have to learn by our mistakes and move on from them
Everything in life is a life lesson to learn by.
Some good, some bad.
All of these that we go through will make us a better person one day
We will either share them with someone else that needs to know
Or one day they will be a help to our children.
But we do grow from every experience
and become better by them.
That’s why I don’t believe in the word “regret” I believe in this following phrase:

 Live a life without regrets like there is no tomorrow

no regret

Things I Learned


Things I learned:

  1. I learned to be honest no matter what; integrity is something no one can ever take from me and it is the most important character trait to me.

  2. I learned to love myself even on bad days

  3. I learned to be the exception, not the rule.

  4. I learned to stay away from toxic negative people; I prefer to surround myself with people that fill my life with light & loving energies,

  5. I learned that the only person has all the answer is the one I’m looking at in the mirror

  6. I learned that we need infinite patience and compassion and love for whoever crosses our path, but mostly for ourselves.

  7. I learned to be the one to defend the underdog

  8. I learned to be good to all, at all times, and all phases

  9. I learned to be grateful for everything that I have. Every day that I’m healthy, I’m breathing and my heart is beating is a good day

Flock of White-faced Whistling ducks flying in arrow form

Things I like



  1. I like the smell of old books and newspapers, chopped firewood asphalt after rain and fresh baked bread

  2. I like when people tell me how they feel without holding back

  3. I like walking in the rain

  4. I like history, literature, anthropology, sociology, psychology, parapsychology, paranormal research,

  5. I like people that inspire me, make me smile, dream, laugh and hope

  6. I like butterflies for me they are flying flowers

  7. I like balloons whenever I see one I have to grab it, attach a string to it and pull it home with me.

  8. I like wine, especially on Friday night, sitting in a pub with my friends

  9. I like to laugh very hard until my eyes becomes watery

  10. I like when people disagree with me or tell me no because I love to prove them wrong

  11. I like babies’ chubby cheeks, they are unbearably cute

  12. I like surprising people, intriguing them and defying expectation

  13. I like testing my limits like to know what I am capable of and how far I can push myself

  14. I like using fountain pens with funky colored ink.

  15. I like deep and meaningful conversations

  16. I like hugging it’s kind of an open communication with others

  17. I like the warmth of the grainy sand between my toes.

Why Do I write?


Oh, I love writing and I am short of words to describe how much I love it!!. There’s always a sense of thrill and accomplishment whenever I write.  I love to write because it makes me feel invincible like superman flying high with my words where all the dreams are possible. I love to write because I feel like a mother giving birth to a newborn baby whenever I write/create something new ; the universe cease to exist. And at the same time I feel like this new born baby taking his first deep breath, soaking in the atmosphere knowing he/she’s alive.

Sometimes, writing can be a quest for self-discovery, that’s why I write mainly for myself and for my sense of existence. I love the following quote by Charles Bukowski:

“Writing keeps you alive because it eases the monsters in the brain by moving them to paper”.

Writing helps you eliminate any feelings of sorrow, regret, anger, stress, or guilt. All those bad feelings can be washed away when you start picking up your pen and start writing.  Writing can serve as vehicle for expressing and sharing our experiences with others. You never know who you might affect with your writing; for all you know your writing can light someone’s darkness.


You Know It’s Monday


You know it’s Monday when you wake up your spirit animal is a tortoise that’s stuck on its back. There are grunts involved, and some hobbling.


You know it’s Monday when you are in killing spree mood after receiving a lion’s share of “Good Morning”

killing monday

You know it’s Monday when nothing quite goes right: you’re late despite waking up at 5:30 am, you put salt instead of sugar in your coffee cup then you spill your coffee on your new outfit,  your socks don’t’ match, you caused paper jam in the printer, etc and then you start to sob with pain

shoot me

You know it’s Monday when you start to feel like a third grade student looking forward for lunch break

lunch monday

You know it’s Monday when you plan to stare at the ceiling and slowly drift into madness and start doubting your mental health


You know it’s Monday when your faith in God is restored again “Lord give me strength”


You know it’s Monday when you prefer to go to the dentist instead going to work/school


You know it’s Monday when you all you do is sitting on your chair quietly plotting your escape