Your Face


Your beautiful face is my favorite among millions

Every morning your face is like the sun shining on me to help me get things done

And all I want to do to is kiss your face and tell you how much I love you

Looking at your face soothes me and makes me feel content.

Seeing your face is my daily drug as it feels like I’m flying high without wings above the clouds

Your face is the oxygen mask to the plane crash I have always been

I’ve found in your face everything that was missing in my life

(This poem is dedicated to my little princess Nelly)



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  1. What a beautiful poem 🙂

    I am sure when she gets to read it eventually, she will be on the cloud 14th.

    What sublime sentiments with such eloquence.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  3. دخيلها ما اطيبها ليكون بعلمك انا حجزتها لبرهوم
    انتي فنانة رهيبة باستعمال الكلمات
    بتعرفيني ما بحب الانكليزي بس بتمنى ما توقفي كتابة

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  4. Yes she is ❤
    No, (no offense to your sister and her husband) but no one is allowed to date my lil princess while I'm still alive:| besides you know she's independent and she is already in love ugh 3am faker roh 3al school w ashetoo el chocolat wl chips hayda bekon inzar iza fakar ykeserla 2alba
    I won't stop :p


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