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May you not rest as long as I am living! You said I killed you–haunt me, then!…Be with me always–take any form–drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!
― Emily Brontë



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    • That’s absolutely right, it is dark like the book it comes from Wuthering Heights (dark romance novel one of my favorite book)
      Let me guess you didn’t read that one either 😐
      You’re welcome, hope you like it =)

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      • LOL 😀
        You are so smart right 😛

        No, I have heard the name and it must be amazing…I might try reading it in my lifetime, if I have one 🙂 LOL 😀

        Cheers 🙂

        Anand 🙂

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      • I knew it!! 😀 😀
        Her Majesty’s order for today: read this book and them write a post about it in your blog
        Delays or excuses won’t be allowed.
        Queen Nadine

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      • Your majesty, will you read it with me? Will you chat with me on Facebook/Google? I will share my readings everyday if you talk, as I will feel motivated and my reading comprehension is also poor 😛

        If your majesty talks to me I will read, otherwise no assignment–it’s so boring LOL 😀

        Love and light ❤

        Anand 🙂

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      • Ok, so you won’t help me and won’t chat, then don’t expect me to follow your orders 🙂 I abandon harsh queens and go over to distant kingdoms LOL 😀

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      • Oh my my,
        But why why?
        Don’t have thy?
        An FB account?
        Why recount?
        So much stricture,
        Fictitious fracture?
        When reading together might,
        Finish wuthering heights,
        With unforeseen delights ❤

        Loves and lights!

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      • How on earth can you do this?!! Really nice and beautiful rhyming =)
        Royalties don’t do fb 😀
        On a serious note it’s been more than 3 years since i deleted my fb account

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      • Ohohoho. Thanks royal highness.

        It’s alright if you don’t have time for that. If you wanted we could have talked on Google–it’s alright this way too–asynchronous and beautiful.

        LOve and light ❤

        Anand 🙂

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      • I don’t have a google account 😀 you see as all royalties I’m really old fashioned
        I prefer face to face communication, plus I always forgot the passwords for such thing
        My order as a queen is to use an owl (you know like Harry Potter) for messaging phew this way no more passwords 😀

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      • You know what they said where there is a will there is a way (obviously I’m talking about my will to force you to read) you are forgetting something I still remember my email password I can sent you pdf e-book, isn’t that awesome 😀 😀
        Earlier I mentioned Harry Potter, so that got me thinking let’s send you all the Harry Potter books to read instead of Wuthering Heights, I can see you jumping out of excitement 😀


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