Oh school I don’t miss your prison

Where we were held as hostages for long and boring eight hours

I don’t miss listening to the ticks of the clock ticking on the wall

Waiting for the bell to ring

I don’t miss students’ obsession and anxiety about grades instead of knowledge

Oh, don’t you see that you turned the brilliant minds

Into a dying flame

Oh, school you’re just a factory for making future robots

Who follow the rules without questioning


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    • Good to know that my misery in school makes you laugh 😀
      Joking I was trying to make you feel guilty :p I actually had lots of fun with my friends at school, I cherish many memories in it =)

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      • Whoa! Why were you making me feel guilty? Glad you had a great time in school so did I. Those who want to enjoy can enjoy even in a prison and we are examples of that! LOL I also took this prompt and did a little blabberwockying!

        Love and light ❤

        Anand 🙂

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      • Because I’m mean? 😀
        when I look back the best days of my life were with my friends at school, Nelly is going to the same school and from time to time when I pick her up from there i get goosebumps and feel so nostalgic every corner there hold a memory.I’m glad you had fun in your school, what kind of student you were?
        Oh I will make sure to read it later on, I’m sure you wrote it in a positive way unlike my post

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      • What kind of student I was?
        Many kinds. I changed many times. But I am proud to have organized many wrestling matches in school and invented many natural gymnastics tricks with a bunch of friend–for both of them I was canned by teachers LOL 😀

        Love and light ❤

        Anand 🙂

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    • Thank you ❤
      Well I have mixed feeling about school, sometimes like you said it was not my favorite place because of the boring system but in the same time I had the most wonderful time with my friends in the school, our laugh was the loudest, oh to be 14 again 😀

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    • That doesn’t make you a dullard =) on the contrary you found the school as an atmosphere for social gathering since you didn’t have much opportunities to meet your friends or people about the same age unless being in school. Oh the memories we have with our friends back at school are the best ❤


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