One Lovely Blog Award


A while four awesome bloggers: amanpan Annie, Vibrant and freespirit have nominated me for the one lovely blog award

And if you’re looking for something interesting this week, you should definitely check their blogs and you won’t be disappointed:

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Add 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 – 15 bloggers for the award, and comment on one of their posts to let them know.

7 Facts about me

I find the simplest things fascinating and wish my eyes were a camera.

I don’t believe in destiny or fate. We control our future not some celestial force or being.

I have an obsession with chocolate and red wine


I’m very stubborn and won’t budge for anything in the world


I’m pretty much impulsive.


I keep a red notepad by my bed for my writings and scribbles

Sometimes I can watch horror films completely alone in the middle of the night with the lights out and the curtains drawn


I nominate:






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  1. Congrats! I love your pictures. I am not a scary movie person. And nothing scary at bedtime. My son, who is 16, did a movie marathon with my husband – they watched all 5 Final Destination movies – and then my son went to bed. He probably slept better than I do. Nothing freaks that kid out, except for spiders. 🙂

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    • Thank you Kathy ❤
      Well don't think I'm courageous as well when I'm watching those movies I'm nearly falling of my bed or chair,
      Lucky kid, I can't sleep after watching scary movies, Nothing scares me in this life more than cockroaches :S


  2. مبروك صايرة مشهورة عم يعطوكي جوائز
    مارق عليي كتير ناس بس متل عنادك مني شايفة العمى شو انو راسك يابس
    اشتقتلك ما قدرت اطلع هالجمعة بشوفك الجمعة الجاية و لازم نعمل شي كلنا

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    • Shefteh 😀 bas ma 2adek ya sit sayra betla3e 3a tv, heik ma wajheteleh tahiyeh =(
      Thank you I will consider this as a compliment 😀
      Ok we will, see you Friday hbb ❤ ❤


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  4. for the nomination. I respectfully decline but I’ll happily give you 7 facts about me.
    1. I am the same with you about finding the simplest things fascinating!
    2. Again in agreement with this!> I don’t believe in destiny or fate. We control our future not some celestial force or being.
    3. I am a mirror and crystals freak!
    4. Love horror movies! But I don’t watch movies/TV anymore since I got a laptop and found the internet. I find a lot of horror stories from it and it’s all true in real life! More horrorsque than movies and TV!
    5. Love the moon, stars and whatever up in the sky!
    6. CHOCOLATES! Must have it everyday!
    7. I am eating brownies right now with cold milk!

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