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I’ll try to find a way


I will try to find a way

I will try to find my courage

To fill the void

This feeling inside me is so unusual

And I’m laying breathless in my bed

Tell me what I should do

To bring the broken pieces back together

Tell me why you had to leave

And even though you are not here

I will remember you every time my heart beats

And I will try to find a way to live again

the Absinthe Drinker

The Absinthe Drinker by Viktor Oliva

(Note: I wrote this poem few years ago)



Hope is when you’re hanging from a thread bore line feeling pain yet you’re still fighting

Hope for a patient is the reason to get up every morning

Hope is your inside voice telling you not to give up

Hope is your brave knight fighting away the darkness

Hope is the belief that you can change your life

Hope is the medicine that puts a smile on your face

Hope is the feeling that there’s still a brighter tomorrow waiting your way.

Hope is the force that to keep you walking, searching, dreaming and longing


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Why Do I Write Part 2


I write because it paints the portrait of who I am

I write to share my feelings and to associate myself with others

I write because it creates a beautiful song that tells my story and feeds my soul

I write because my pen is mightier than the sword as it helps me to stand up for what I believe in

I write for my sadness, happiness, pain and joy

I write to wash away my stress, worries and strife

I write because my words add colors to a cruel world painted in black and white

I write because I have an unrested mind full of waves of emotion and ideas

I write for my existence

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