I’ll try to find a way


I will try to find a way

I will try to find my courage

To fill the void

This feeling inside me is so unusual

And I’m laying breathless in my bed

Tell me what I should do

To bring the broken pieces back together

Tell me why you had to leave

And even though you are not here

I will remember you every time my heart beats

And I will try to find a way to live again

the Absinthe Drinker

The Absinthe Drinker by Viktor Oliva

(Note: I wrote this poem few years ago)

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  1. Nadine, this is simply beautiful. As the years pass, I realize that THIS is the destiny of one of us. Having lived more of our lives together than apart, it will be a challenge for sure to take the next steps. Great job!

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    • Thank you Rita ❤
      Unfortunately that's true, and we are all going to face it someday and it is going to be the most painful experience but it is the memories that will keep us alive


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