A Broken wing bird


You are a broken wing bird

Trapped inside this self-made cage

Despite putting your beautiful Mona Lisa smile

Happiness has become a foreign feeling for you

And you’re sinking into a quagmire of your past

Your life now is an endless train of suffering

You’re breathing but I feel as if you have passed away

In fact, I met your ghost yesterday

And I realized how I much I miss the old you

Please come back to me

I won’t allow you to be consumed by the flames of your hell

The world is a beautiful place with you in it

I can’t change your past

But together we can start the life journey all over


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  1. I’ve gone through this feeling before. When my wife’s mom died suddenly in accident a few years ago, it nearly broke my wife. She wasn’t herself, really just a shell. I couldn’t help her, nothing soothed the loss. It was terrible, watching her suffer. I felt helpless, and was dealing with her loss then my grandfathers death shortly after that. But I had to hold it together because she was “non-present”, as I described her state. Time helped, but never healed. We survived it all though…somehow.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that, but I really understand what your wife went through, I can’t deal with death of someone close to me. Losing someone dear can rock you to the core, and the scars will remain forever. I have said it before and I will say it again you are an amazing husband. When someone is grieving all they need is someone to be present with them all the time, and offering them love.

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      • She said the same thing. That there’s no way I could “fix” what had been broken, and just being there was enough. I had to give up the notion of my being able to make it better, accept that I couldn’t, and just be there for whatever she needed. It’s been five years now, and she’s better. But the anniversary comes up next month, and that’s always hard. Maybe it’s a guy thing, because we always want to “fix” everything, but being helpless to someone you love is the worst.

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      • I think she’s right, there is no magic wand to make everything brighter and happier.
        You’re absolutely right, being helpless is the worst feeling ever, I can relate, you start to question your purpose in this life if you can’t make your loved ones happy or help them forget the past. And sometimes all we can offer them is a shoulder to cry on or making ourselves available by listening to them.

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      • I did feel helpless, no doubt. But giving her that ear and holding her while she cried was exactly what she needed. It didn’t feel like I was doing much, but she says it was the best thing I could do for her.

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      • Me too missed everyone here in WordPress. I’m better now, I couldn’t look at the computer screen I was recovering from PRK surgery to cure my myopia on both eyes. It took me time to comfortably look at the computer screen again. I needed your help at that time, I was spreading typos like crazy 😀 hope you were taking care of my kingdom in my absence 😀

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      • Hahaha, lol. Oh I am glad you had a nice recovery. It feels better to get rid of glasses? I have heard we never regain full sight even after surgery? I am bound to be handicapped wearing these glasses 😀

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      • No I never wear glasses or contact lenses before!!! (I know that’s crazy but that’s me) Since more than 10 years I had a severe myopia on my left eye but I didn’t do anything to cure it (not even wearing lenses or glasses) so I ignore it and I relied on my right eye, my vision was perfect until a year ago my right has caught myopia.
        Yes you can never regain full sight, now my vision is not 100% but still better than before.
        Oh why, how bad your myopia?


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