I’m Grateful


My life might not be perfect, and I might not have achieved the goals I thought I would have by now. I might not be living the kind of life I thought I would be or want to be, but I’m grateful for the life I had lived till now. You see no matter how mean and cruel the world can get, you should start counting your blessings, and you will realize what you have  received is more than what you have given. Oh, yes I know it’s easy to see the problems in our lives. They’re like mountains. But sometimes we overlook the smaller things; we don’t notice how truly beautiful they are. We easily overlook the ordinary or all the little things that matter and take them for granted.

So today I’m expressing my gratitude; I am really a fortunate person with many reasons to be grateful. I’ve been blessed with love and friendships and also wonderful kinship. For the most part I’ve been happy and content, and most of my time has been well spent; and  I had most things that I wanted


I’m grateful for having the most wonderful and kind parents and sister; they love me unconditionally from every part of their hearts and souls. They make things better in every situation by just being there besides me.

I’m grateful for having my little princess Nelly in my life. Her eyes radiate pure love. I must have done something right to have been chosen by this sweet soul.

I’m grateful for having  loving and supporting  friends that never fail to make me laugh. They keep seeing the best of me and being my gravity. With them, I’m never walking alone as I’m surrounded by pack of strong wolves who always get my back.

I’m grateful for having Rabih in my life; he is my sunshine, my moon and my starlight. The comfort I feel when he’s holding me is priceless.

I’m grateful for having a job in a bad economy and I’m working with many professional and down to earth people

I am grateful for the problems in my life; they help me change myself into a new being.

I am grateful for my health that allows me to enjoy life to the fullest

I am grateful that I am emotionally strong person as there are many close to me who are suffering from pain, sickness, relapse and depression, I am grateful I can show up and be present for them

I am grateful to have discovered this beautiful oasis called WordPress where I met wonderful, creative people from around the world who love to share their hearts, souls, wisdom, information, happiness and pain




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  1. Wow! A lot more people should start thinking like you! This kind of positivity and down to earth atittude is what the world needs more of!! Congrats! You have the strength to own up to your life’s ups and downs, and look at them in the best perspective that you possibly can! Just, honestly, congrats! It takes a lot of strength and wisdom!

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    • Thank you so much for your beautiful and sweet words ❤
      Everyone can do it, if we just stop nagging for a second and start appreciating all the love we have, then and only then we realized we are blessed in many different ways. So it's up to us to decide whether to nag and live unhappy or to start appreciating what we have and live happy and enjoy our life.

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  2. You are right! It’s so similar 🙂 Gratitude has a common language I guess, I loved your words, also so simple, so straight to the point without compromising the meaning and the depth!
    “I know it’s easy to see the problems in our lives. They’re like mountains. But sometimes we overlook the smaller things; we don’t notice how truly beautiful they are” perfectly put
    You reminded me of other things like being emotionally strong, like my problems and wordpress community 🙂
    Thank you for sharing and would be reading more posts for sure ❤

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    • Thank you so much dear for your kind words and for reading ❤ =) see another thing to be grateful for =) Gratitude is something we should all have more of. Sadly we seem to live in a world where we are no longer but just expect more and more.

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      • Oh yes we learn something new every day 🙂 Lot of things to be grateful for that we often forget!
        Most people look at what they don’t have and suffer instead of focusing on what they have and this is a vicious circle, they’ll always be unhappy even if they had what they want, because they’ll be wanting another thing (leyk malla jemli hahah) My pleasure dear ❤

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    • Me too I always love reading those as well; as they always leave me with a positive energy. I really love what you said, it really makes all difference in the world. Gratitude is good for our health overall; and help us cultivate better relationships with people.

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