“The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived”

Why do we pay to live on this Earth? Isn’t this a basic right like breathing, eating, and moving about freely? But the truth is we live in gilded cages, people all over the world looking for material things. Consumerism will be the end of our freedom; and every day we are forced to join the rat race.

What’s wrong with us? We express our emotions in dollar signs and seek solace by buying soulless items.  We distract ourselves with all these meaningless items and don’t see what’s really  going on around us. Why items are being worshiped and loved while people are being objectified? It is up to you and me to refuse to being defined by our paychecks, I refuse to be a puppet.


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      • Al Ankabut 29:64

        “And this life of the world is nothing but a sport and play; and as for the next abode, that most surely is the life, did they but know.

        In this Divinely question two points are clear. One is that ‘life is a fact’ and the other is ‘it has a purpose’. Studying the purpose of life leads you towards the ‘fact of this worldly life’. In many places the Holy Qur’an has made this point clear by giving examples of the past historic events. Wealth of Shaddad and Fir’aun (Pharoah) and persons of the categories perished. They left this world with their own deeds and they are tasting what they have done in this world.

        The materialistic world has dragged mankind in the race to unlimited desire, to achieve more and more which results in a disgraceful life of homicide, genocide, drugs, child abuse, women abuse, and all family and social misbehaviour. Islam is undoubtedly the only solution for these problems, for, it teaches not only about this worldly life’s achievements, but it also teaches mankind to be God conscious (Taqwa).

        Man’s obsessment and attachment to this life.

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      • This is beautiful thank you so much for sharing ❤
        I think materialism promotes a sense of hopelessness, misery, jealousy, and envy among people. Nowadays, people are forgetting what really matter; they are even forgetting their moral values and can’t distinguish anymore between right and wrong. We need to set ourselves free from the materialistic world

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