Fuck The International Women’s day


Yesterday, we celebrated the international women’s day, alas I wished the whole believed in the meaning of this day.

Can you tell me why crimes against women are brushed aside in the media? Why nothing more is done to protect women from abusive spouses? Why there are so few shelters for homeless women and women fleeing situations like this? Why violence against women is considered a lesser crime?  Why women’ rape is a misdemeanor, victim-shaming, and victim-blaming? Why when a woman speak up and raise her voice is called a whore?

Don’t you know, in some countries and cultures, raped women are forced to marry their assaulter or how many women are beaten or even murdered by their husbands on their first night because they weren’t virgin?  Do you know that walking by myself at night is never safe?  Do you know I spend hours thinking of what would be “safe” to wear?

And what about these whistles every time we are walking on the street?! What’s the purpose of these whistles? We are not some kind of pets who’s willing to go running after some guys with high hormones, but I guess when the wolf goes for a stroll, all the dogs start barking.

So yeah, fuck the international women’s day, I don’t find a reason to celebrate this day. Women are not second class citizens. We are not breeding tools for your war machine, or vessels for your property. We are people, and deserve the same rights as everyone else. I am a woman, therefore I am a goddess, a warrior, a fighter, a lioness.

women silenced

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  1. You have a clear, loud and gutsy voice and are not afraid to express. Me on other hand, I am welled up inside me, I can’t express myself the way I want to. I just go on with words, saying nothing and meaning everything.

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    • Though I’m shy, I am very highly opinionated person. I have strong opinions about everything and I am not afraid to express them or debate my opinions with others.
      First,you should belief in yourself and feel comfortable with your own skin. Each one of us is beautiful, intelligent, unique in his/her own way. Don’t be afraid of criticisms, you don’t owe anything to anybody, live your life the way you want.Don’t be afraid from anything, if you don’t like something say it loud and clear, people who care will surely understand.

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  2. Hi Nadine, we met at Bloggers World and have lost contact. my goal is to visit fellow bloggers and reconnect. Your post has touched on a subject that needs continuous exposure. We have become numb to the atrocities against women in all cultures. Maybe we’re ignorant. Maybe we’re overwhelmed. Whatever it is we need to keep the discussion going.

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    • Hello Sharon I’m glad we met again =)
      I strongly agree with you, this topic need high exposure. We can do our part here as bloggers, we can talk about women struggles in the societies, countries, cultures that we come from.

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  3. Damn right girl! This day isn’t about being proud to be a woman; it’s about celebrating a world where we all have equal rights and equal protection from the evils of the society. A world where we are no lesser than men. Until that day arrives I won’t celebrate this day as well.

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    • Exactly!! as a female I want to live in this world with the same rights as men. I want to be respected and loved everyday, I surely won’t ask anyone to celebrate me one day a year. This celebration has no meaning as we are not equal yet to men, and everyday each one of us gets an awful reminder about this fact!!

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