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The Versatile Blogger Award


A while ago, Advanced Research Technology has nominated for The Versatile Blogger Awards, if you are interested in spirituality and science please visit this blog:


  • Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
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  • must add 7 facts about them.
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I have high self-esteem along with big and stubborn pride and ego.

People call me mysterious as no one can describe not even my own parents and best friends. And that makes me more intriguing person for some, so they become eager to find out more about me but I like to drive them crazy by my brevity quietness, not caring attitude and at the end they will end up with just irritating little hints about me. Knowing me is like counting stars in the endless sky, good luck with that!!


My favorite foods are vegetarian pizza and vegetarian spaghetti, hello calories but who cares? You only live once.


I can’t stand clingy people  you know the type the ones who follow your every step/breath and nothing less than a nuclear holocaust will stop them from following you. I adore my freedom.


Only a very small number of my friends know about this blog, let’s face it not a lot of people are interested in writing and poetry, so that’s why I chose to be selective about who among my friends will know about my blog.

I’m a pen addict I have a large collection of pens every time I visit a stationary store I literally drool in front of the pens stands and notebooks and I end up spending a lot of money. By the way, feel free to tell me what your favorite pen is or give me suggestions for new pens to try out, told you I’m an addict!!

I never let anything or anyone take the spark away from my eyes. I don’t duel much in the past I always move on fast, for me it’s just a chapter in the book. For me when it is over there is no lingering, so when I cut out someone out of my life I close the door and never look back.



I will not nominate anyone, I will leave it open to anyone reading this post.

Growing Old


Take a look at an old photo of you and think of how you’re aging all the time, drawing closer to your last breath. You can marry, have children, grandchildren–graduate, get promoted, buy houses, cars, and toys. Take vacations and build for the future. But the future comes and all you see is that old photo of you: younger, healthier, happier, more vital. The future comes and it only brings your end, and all your work and children and houses and such go on to their end, and the future you were building was only a dream, an illusion which you kept working for, drudging toward and for what? Why was all so important to you? Why did you take it all so seriously?

(My birthday is next week, and I always feel a little down during my birthdays especially this year as I’m turning 30 so I’m bit emotional )


When someone doesn’t like you


I have to admit I never cared about people opinion about or whether they like me or not. Some people can’t digest the idea that someone doesn’t like them. We can’t really take it personally when it becomes clear to us that someone dislikes us. Well, in reality, we all do sometimes take it very personally, however, our taking it personally is not really reflective of the absolute truth of the situation.

Some people are going to dislike us no matter what, without really knowing us and without having really had much contact with us at all. Some people will dislike us and they themselves will not really know why exactly! It may seem “unfair” and may annoy us, but, there it is, isn’t it? It is often not really based at all on what we may have done or what we have failed to do, but on “personal chemistry”, which comes out of ours and their past conditioning and experiences with others.

But just because someone dislikes us or just because we may dislike them that is still no reason why we both can’t love one another. Loving and liking are really two different things. It’s nice when they exist together, but they don’t really have to.