Why I don’t use Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat


It makes me sad how we’ve become so attached to technology. I see people everywhere taking pictures while having their face engrossed in their phones when the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. No one ever experiences the moment anymore. Everything is going be posted somewhere for someone to see because people measure their value based on “likes”. This is part of the reason I don’t have a Facebook,  Instagram  or Snapchat accounts because I don’t want to lose my sense of living every moment to its fullest. I don’t want to ignore my parents, friends or significant other solely because I’m looking to see who commented/liked my stuff. My brain is perfectly capable of retaining memories and the essence of life is the acquisition of memories. I don’t want to look back when I’m old and have to look at my phone to see what I did when I was young. I want to live it! I was born blessed with all of my senses. Why not use them.


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  1. This was a interesting read! I am one of those people addicted to my phone and i’m trying to make it a habit to stop being so dependent on it, I admire your willpower to not give in and succumb to the power of Facebook. Our society is so obsessed with receiving validation on social media, that we do indeed forget to live in the moment, but I don’t believe its 100% negative though.

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    • Thank you!! Nowadays we can’t survive a day without our phone!! I deleted my facebook account years ago, I was sick of it, sick of fakeness inside it, sick of the attention whores. It is true what you said about society sadly they think if they receive a “like” it means that a person love them or share the same opinion. It is not 100% bad as it help connecting people all over the world and raise awareness about important issues. Lol, you have no idea about the strange looks I receive when I say I don’t have a fb or instagram.


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  3. I totally agree with you and it’s why I’m not on FB either. It’s true everyone measures their value based on “likes.” We are becoming conditioned more and more to need external validation in order to feel good about ourselves. We become glued to our mobile devises rather than being engaged in real life.

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    • It is becoming unhealthy sometimes, I think the amount of likes create a fake illusion of popularity and self-importance. People fail to realize that these “likes* are fake majority of times, I know people who despise their supervisors but they put likes on many of her posts. The number of likes is unimportant, what matters the most is going out and live your life to the fullest with your loved ones. I see people all the time in bars and restaurants instead of chatting with their friends, I see them taking selfies and posting them immediately on facebook and Instagram. People call me akward and weird or give me strange look when I say I don’t have a facebook account.


    • Lol =) you’re right since wordpress is considered a social media.
      However for me, wordpress is entirely different from facebook or Instagram. At least here people post meaningful stuff instead of useless selfies, and pointless check-ins. I have been using wordpress for almost 2 years but I’m not addicted to it one would think after this time I will get tons of like but if you see my posts only get few likes it shows that I don’t spend a lot of times here. And quite frankly I don’t care about the numbers of likes I receive in here, I’m here to learn how to improve my writings and getting inspired by other bloggers.


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