I just don’t understand why people will waste their money on frivolous items like expensive handbags, shoes, or clothes or who knows what else….but refuse to spend money on their health.

People are so gung-ho about getting healthy until they have to cough up a little extra money for it. You have no problem spending money on that name brand purse, those expensive shoes…or better yet….spending money on going out to eat, or stopping at Starbucks every morning for that “perfect coffee”, but the moment something is offered to you that will improve your health…you want nothing to do with it. You go silent.

Investing a little extra money in your health now is a hell of a lot cheaper in those medical bills you could have later on. That name brand hand bag or those expensive shoes are NOT going to prevent things like heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Furthermore, when someone offers you something that could potentially change your life, don’t be resistant to it! Just open your mind!

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  1. The thing is people don’t want to accept that they are ill or they need to pay more attention towards their health instead they run after this that brings happiness that won’t last and their needs will keep increasing.. One must take care of themselves first after all health is wealth.

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    • Health is wealth<<Indeed, but I think when people are healthy they feel invincible and they take their health for granted and only realize what you said only when they become ill or getting old, they will begin to regret what they did to their health and bodies, but at that time it will be too late.

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