Wake your mind


Do you believe  in what you believe in because it’s what you’re always been taught, or because you’ve searched and tried it for yourself?

Are you living your life, or are you living out everyone else collective thoughts and beliefs? Have you ever truly met and embraced your true self, or are you living out everyone’s opinion of you?


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  1. Now those are very good questions. Are we nothing more than the result of our upbringing and indoctrination? If I had been born in India would I be a fervent Hindu? In Israel a Jew? in Pakistan a Muslim? in America a Christian? In Cuba a communist? In the USA an anticommunist?
    I was lucky being brought up in a home without any religious or political indoctrination. I think I am a free thinker………… but only to an extent.
    Nice post.

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    • Thank you =) Yes the majority of people are nothing but a result of upbringing and indoctrination. Many people are willing to die blindly for their faiths, religions, etc
      My father’s family are all atheists, and I considered myself lucky as it opened my eyes and mind into new perspectives, I also like to consider myself a free thinker but as you said “to some extent” as we all have been brainwashed


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