Ain’t it funny


Ain’t  it funny

That you can know someone for years

You go out with them every night

Chit chat about this and that

And tellinf few lame jokes

But despite all these years

Do they know you, the real you?

And at the same time, you can meet a total stranger only for one time

And yet this meeting may linger with you forever

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  1. yes, that’s the magic! 🙂 but then if you were to spend every evening with that total stranger, the magic might wear thin – or it might not… but… seeing someone every night… it’s the hardest part. I think a lot of couples don’t know each other at all, and when they retire they realise it… 😀


    • Yes meeting a stranger is very exciting as it evolves lots of mystery and magic that you can’t have with a partner that you know for years.
      Yes because they will have more free time to spend with their partners as before they were busy with children and work

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    • Funny thing I did have other plans that day but they were canceled, and frankly I wasn’t excited to go to that trip little I knew that I am going to meet a wonderful friend ❤


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