I don’t trust most people. No matter how long we may have known each other. We could have known each other all my life, but my trust may not be with you at all. Never confuse time with loyalty; just because you have been around, don’t mean you have BEEN there. I always sit back and observe every person in my life, whether we talk everyday or not. I know who motivates me and keep it 100%. I also know who I can’t trust and who I need to keep distance with, whether I say anything or let you be fake.

Please make sure that trust is the last thing you handout. It’s the most important, and the most fragile and the easiest thing to break. Don’t trust someone because you love them or because they are blood relatives; trust them because they earn it. Trust isn’t complementary, it is not free toy in a bag you don’t give it away because it seems right.



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      • Me too im afraid but in some ways it may not make me many friends but i am less likely to be s–t on as much as i have been by people.

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      • It doesn’t matter how many friends one have or how much you are popular, they are just numbers that don’t mean a thing, what matter the most is to surround ourselves people who can we really trust


      • That is true but such people are hard to find and when we are older and have moved away from friends we find it is not easy making new ones.

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      • Indeed, the friends you make in your childhood are irreplaceable and when we become adults like you said it will be hard for us to make genuine friends as we start to see the ugly side of people


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