You are special


There is something in you that the world needs, there is something in you that the world is envious of, there is something in you that no one else in the world has yet you think you are useless. It is not your fingerprints that makes you unique and special it’s the greatness within you.


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    • Thank you so much for the reblog.
      Your words are beautiful and true, each one of us is unique and different from each other, therefore we shouldn’t compare each other but rather have compassion toward the others


      • First I thank you again for the lovely post…. So I really wanted to reblog it so that more people could feel blessed. Yes we are all unique and that’s the beauty of Nature… Comparing is of body and once we start seeing ourselves out of it and see the real self… Only compassion remains

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      • People do understand,people do know it,we all are house of compassion and kindness but because we are conditioned in wrong ways by means of teachings,schoolings,guidance we all are now heap of dust …..once the dust is removed we will see only love and love everywhere.

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      • I am sorry, your comment was in my spam section.
        True that, we live in a society that pushes us to be materialistic and greedy, they teach us to be slave for the money and to hell with everything else.

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      • First you need not be sorry *smiles* not your fault ,I am so loved by wordpress they send me to spam list of all..*lol*
        Yes the society but we too are society,all we need is to start transforming ourselves and society will start transforming itself….but first it has to be we ourselves.

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