Post Breakup


Dear Ex,

Can you please lift the curse?

She asked while looking at his pictures

She isn’t able to escape,

The songs she listen to, the movies she watches, and the books she reads

All appear to conspire against her

To remind her of his face in one way or another

She can even hear the memories talking through the wall

Sadness weighs her down like anchor weighs a ship down to the sandmichelle-brea-mod-3

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  1. I saw you again today in my dreams . You were mine and you held me close and we watched the same show and danced to the songs that we loved. We laughed and you made me breakfast. I wish I hadn’t woken up. Reality is my new nightmare because it reminds me painfully that you are mine no more, you are somewhere living a good life probably moved on and completely forgotten me and meanwhilst I am here swallowed up in your thoughts. I am here wishing I lived your life with you. I am here writing a million poems for you, a million letters which I would never send. I am here missing you sorely and reliving every moment that we had. I am here making a future that will never be true and thinking of.embraces that will never happen. I am here. 

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