Love Expectations


I think expectations kill a lot of relationships, love shouldn’t come with a check list. Too

often people compare what they have to movies and their friends’ relationships. Taking

silly advice like, if he doesn’t hold your hair back when you throw up it’s not real or if

she doesn’t call you when she’s drunk out with her friends than it isn’t real. But love is

spontaneous, love is madness. You argue viciously but at the end of the day you don’t

want to see anyone else’s face but theirs. It’s not about waiting for your prince charming,

but going out to find your own happy ending. It’s not about the material things you could

bring to her. It’s something that just feels right something that isn’t forced. You could

have a complete checklist and still feel like somethings not right. It’s not supposed to be

perfect to everyone else, it’s supposed to be right just for you. If you should find yourself

unhappy then be fair to let one another know to save yourselves some time to recover,

give each other that closure too. Don’t settle for any less than you deserve, throw away

that checklist.


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  1. That’s something I unfortunately do often. That blessed checklist… I apply it to everything in my life when I shouldn’t. And I’ve never been in a relationship because of it…I’m too busy checking off boxes than to allow myself to fall in love

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    • This feeling is natural, we’re all under stress to find a happy relationship. But when we develop unrealistic expectations, we’re not actually in the right mindset to fall in love.
      Since I have trust issues, I think the most successful relationships are those that start with friendship, this way you can know a lot about the person. And dear have no fear;you will meet someone, but you may have to experience some disappointments first. (We have all went through this suffering it is normal).

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  2. Perfectly true! Comparison is destructive and expectations are as well! There are millions way of love and each person must find what’s best for them, what’s suit them
    Beautiful piece Nadine and hope you are good?

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