On Women’s day empower your daughters


Since I was a child, I can remember being told that I needed to learn how to cook and iron to find a husband. Then I started to come across these oh so cool teen magazines telling young girls what to do to keep a man, to make a man happy or to keep him from leaving, and I always wondered if men magazines were educating them on how to treat a lady. Only to realize that nope ” Men will be men” and we need to suck it up and do what it takes to keep one. Society molds young women to be feeling inferior and insecure trying to tell them that if they don’t conform it is normal to be cheated on or mistreated.

And if you think about it, females throughout history have been beaten down, downtrodden, and been made to feel stupid. All females are at the effect of this history. It has been part of our society to consider females dumber. This bias has been passed down from generation to generation, and it doesn’t come only from the males, it comes from the females of the prior generations as well. They bought into the conditioning and passed it on to their children. Although it is not true that women are dumber, many societies believe that is true, and both sexes perpetuate that belief.

Teach your daughters to know their worth and to be the best version of themselves. Teach her that she can tame the dragon, splits the atom, owns the castle, and do it all in a really comfortable pair of shoes.  Let her grow up idolizing women who were called “bossy” and “difficult” and “unconventional,” without feeling like she should apologies for it. Let your daughters learn the value of being self-motivated, self-reliant, and self-loved. Allow your daughters to grow up without the subtle weight of being “just a girl” that is historically thrust upon us with a smile and a pat on the head.

Rosie by Tim Okamura

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  1. This is a great message Nadine! How much we need it these days especially here, despite how civilized and well educated we think we are, what’s happening is beyond awful!
    “Allow your daughters to grow up without the subtle weight of being “just a girl” that is historically thrust upon us with a smile and a pat on the head.”
    Unfortunately, we still suffer from this weight because of the ignorance and mainly religions! Long debate so I will just say: Great article and perfectly expressed ❤

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words ❤ I hope one day all the mothers in our country teach their daughters similar things to what I wrote in my post. Alas, our society is still very ignorant, since we are born, our families and societies set boundaries to girls, to their life and their ambition.(ma fini el2ek kam mara 2aloleh nes “3meleh m3almeh” aw “lesh ma tzawajteh” ka2no mamnou3 3layna koun 3ena tomo7 w a7lam). Bil idafeh, lal jihel wl religion kamena el mar2a bi mojtama3na hiyeh 3adowet nafsa lil asaf.

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      • My pleasure ❤ dakhilik ma tzakrini b hal as2ila! Kreht 7ali men warahon! Mesh bass tooumu7 w a7lem, which is great, fi wl wahad ykun ma baddu la 3ediit asbeb yetzawwaj or whatever other thing: m3almeh! Ana kamen ken badun yeni a3mel m3almeh! Dakhlik shu 7ebin fiya haydi? El 3otli el sayfiyi? Hahah
        Khle2na w 3le2na hown, nshallah ne2dar n3eshlna yawmayn metl el ness! Akid msh hown 🙂 Have a great day

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      • Women should not settle for less than what they know they deserve, and we are definitely not machine to just breed. Hon 3ena fiki tkouni astronaut w ba3do nes by3tbrokeh wala chi iza ma tzawajteh w tijibeh wled. “lesh ma bte3mleh m3almeh” seems to be the magic solution every time I complain about my career or looking for a new job. “les ma btkouneh m3almeh” is a stereotype saying as they don’t say that to men here. Allah yray7na min hal astwouneh. Women who are born in this part of world are truly cursed

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