Truth and Lies


We live in a world that is upside down, that says one thing and does another. We are told to tell the truth and then told to be polite (which urging us to lie all the time with the intention of saving face and keeping everybody happy). The rules that we are brought up with keep changing. The real truth about all of us mentally is that we are confused, and control is part of that confusion. We feel we need to control ourselves in order to tell the lies we are forced to tell and to keep up with the rules as they keep changing. Once we enter the world of control (even of ourselves), we are then susceptible to being controlled by anyone and everyone. We are lost and confused

We lie in marriages, we lie in business, we lie in religions, we lie in schools, and we lie in government. We are all liars, we have created a world of illusion from words, and the brain we are born with becomes polluted with the fake. We can pretend that we are kind and do good deeds to fool ourselves that we are helping the world, but we have separated ourselves from the truth, and we have each created this fake self. When you tell a lie; you’re saying that someone either isn’t worth the truth, doesn’t deserve the truth, or can’t be trusted with the truth. Everyone deserves it, though, and it’s up to them what to do with it, not you.

Truth is a living, vibrant thing. It lives and dies every second. Lies do not die until the truth of them is spoken.


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    • Exactly! and they are caught and their web of lies. For me, the worst liars are those who not only know that they’re lying but by time forget that they are liars & end up truly believing in their lies as truth

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  1. People find it easier to lie and go with the flow than being original and authentic! I’m from the persons that appreciate bitter truth and hate comfortable lies! Whether people deserve or not, I deserve the peace of mind and I rather stay true to myself
    Great post 👍

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    • Thank you ❤ Then you and I have a lots in common, Honesty is the thing I value the most in people, I treat people with complete honesty and I expect the same from them (I know that they don't). I know for sure, that my honesty puts people off.

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      • I’m honest more than I should be sometimes and many times I just restrain from speaking rather than saying bullshits…most people despise honesty, their loss anyway 🙂 Even if they don’t treat you the same, always stay who you want and love to be, just choose them wisely 😊

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      • Same here, sometimes I prefer to be quiet =) Believe me sometimes silence is louder than words. Indeed, I won’t change the way I am or my words to please others. They should take me or leave me as I am.

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      • Silence is louder than words sometimes, 100% I agree! living a fake life to please others is a total waste of time and pure misery, reason why most people are not happy actually

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