Living life in a colorless world


Feeling nothing is not natural. Not many are born

without joy or hatred. Emotions are not switches to be turned on and off

at one’s will. They are lenses of colored glass held up to the eye

through which the world

starkly contrasts itself.

When you get to the point where your emotions are all out of whack and you smile instead of cry, or just apologize because you can’t deal with losing anyone else, your world becomes filled with mixed emotions.

In this state, eyes are dull without feeling

and lips move to soundless words

because nothing has meaning.

Living life in a colorless world for a lost soul results in moving through each day trying to get through the day with great effort…but knowing you’re heading towards the nothingness ahead can be overbearing and can cause an unbearable feeling of being alone….Every situation is more intense and every situation involving loved ones, friends, and even your professional life can make it seem like all is lost when one thing goes wrong.

It’s hard living life, but each day you wake up…it has to be for a positive reason right??


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  1. This is a great description on how we numb ourselves sometimes so we can cope with each situation even though we should embrace all emotions, we can’t just press on and off as you said, as hard as it seems losing people we love or knowing we’ll die eventually, we should embrace each minute and live it to the max as long as we’re here, they’re here, and as long as we can!
    Thank you for sharing ❤

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    • We are taught to resist the negative emotions by putting unwavering smile on our face and doing all we can to suppress them. Most times we are shamed for our emotions and made to ignore them. But instead, we should become more aware of what we’re feeling by embracing them. We should not repress our emotions but we should deal with them & handle them properly. Numbness makes us to not fully experience life as we should.

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