Loneliness wears so many faces

It is the child who hides under the bed playing with his imaginary friends and creating fairy tales and mystical lands in his mind while his parents fighting downstairs

It is the mother who pretends to be in a crowded room and close her eyes so it doesn’t hurt when she sees that no one is there; she’s like an ancient tomb of an unsung forgotten warrior that no one is visiting anymore

It is the man with the big life and dreams, who laughs too loud, and works way too much, because he doesn’t want to go to an empty home

It is the married couple who sleep on the same bed, but the dead silence had wrapped itself upon them like a blanket on a cold winter night

It is the alcoholic you see every Friday night in the pub who thinks a bottle of liquor is his only source of warmth and attention

It is the woman you meet in the same pub with the red lipsticks, a broken smile, and a pair of eyes afraid to meet yours

It is the girl who counts the “likes” on her Facebook and Instagram posts trying to enhance her image and validate her own false reality

There are far too many people on this planet who are lonely, unloved, and uncared for; and each one of them is trying to hide their loneliness differently


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  1. wow! powerful post Nadine! The loneliness level is increasing! the more you meet people, the more lonely you feel actually..Loved the metaphor you used for the mother ! and I could see clearly all these people you described because we meet them on daily basis and we are sometimes one of them…It’s so sad how much it’s true

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    • Thank you dear, oh yes it is and I think every person on who ever lived on earth knew the bitter taste of it. I really tried to empathize on mother, most mother sacrifice their life for their children only to be deserted by them.

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    • Unfortunately it is, our world is full of lonely people, and yes that’s no fix for it they just use it as way to disguise themselves but it is just like morphine only last for short time


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