Something I could never have


Do you ever feel like you’re fighting an unwinnable battle
Nothing you do will ever be right
Nothing you do will ever be good enough
Things will never pan out
You will never get what you want out of life
You can try with all of your heart
And all of your soul
But you are just not meant to succeed
You are not meant to be happy
The moments you experience
Only provided to tease you
To show you what you’re missing
To show you what you don’t deserve
To remind you what you’ll never truly have

(wrote this poem few years ago)


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  1. Yes I felt exactly the same for many days and years and it was killing me! I wrote about it in Arabic and some days like today, I still feel the same unfortunately :/
    Great words coming from deep disappointment,despair and sadness, glad it was years ago
    have a great day ❤

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    • Seriously, you should consider suing WordPress, you are always in my Spam. And btw, I’m still one of your followers or wordpress removed me again? because when I went to your blog yesterday it seems I wasn’t
      Unfortunately, we all can relate to what I said, sometimes you feel that the whole world is conspiring against you, and whatever you do it will never be enough
      Yeah wrote few years ago, but still relatable when I’m having really, really, really shitty and dark days but I know in the end this feeling will go away

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    • Oh of course not 😀 if anyone felt this way all the time then life would be insufferable. We only feel this way at the darkest times in our life, but we all should remember that: Never has been there a night so dark, that it can prevent the sun from shining bright the next morning.

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    • I’m sorry, your comment was in my spam section.
      Thank you ❤ No can be positive all the time, that's why I have hard time believing people who pretend to be positive all the time and try to force positivity on anyone; either they just wearing masks to escape from their own reality or either a large part of their brain has been removed

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      • I believe like everything else in life, there has to be a balance, all things have polar opposites and where there is positivity there is negativity. I do think we need to be positive but not overall as you stated.

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      • Absolutely, there should be balance in everything. I have a realistic view of the world (not to pessimistic, and not too positive). We wouldn’t reach positivity if we didn’t handle and overcome the negativity first. Oh I was talking about the people who fake being positive all the time, that’s not healthy

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    • Thank you ❤ oh of course not =) I think we only feel this way when we hit a very low point in our life, but I always believe we will become stronger again if we didn’t give up on hope

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