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    • Thank you my dear, this picture is very poignant and true. Haiku is a Japanese word, it consists of 3 lines, traditionally Haiku is 5-7-5 ye3neh the first line should have 5 syllabus, the second line 7, and the last line 5, haiku does not necessarly need to rhyme, modern haiku doesn’t necessary follow the 5-7-5 there are other rules, In my case, I sometimes not follow the rules, I just write 3 lines and call it Haiku. You should try it sometimes, you are good with words. You can write one post and include 2 or 3 haiku.
      Haiku for me are fun especially since I’m lazy:D

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      • Ah okay I see but hate rules so I might do like you hahha invent Haiku 😁 ahamma shi doesn’t need to rhyme even though I can do it but prefer freedom when writing
        Hahaa post with 2 3 Haiku 😊thank you for believing in me 😊
        You’re lazy? I guess you prefer reading haha

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      • For someone who survived a lot of things in this life, writing 3 lines would be easy cake for you; in addition I read many posts of yours and I know what you’re capable of, so yalla will be waiting for your haiku =)
        Lazy with capital L =) but not lazy enough to slap you with my copy of “War and Peace” that book is enormous, it took me more than one year to finish it.

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      • Hahahha okay lazy ass 😁 noted
        I can imagine this book! Anyway I’m a law student kent ehfaz 700 w 800 saf7a bass ba3dayn battal eli khel2
        I have already written many small sentences and musings, i can write plenty of these ! We’ll see about it 🤔


      • Ehh I had a freak ability to memorize bass kent efham akid msh hayk 7ofz
        Fi eshya boring w eshya hlwi mtl criminal law w hal osas
        Okay will share them balki starting next week 😊

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      • You are wonderwoman for your ability to bear this very tough major, I took business law class and it was a pain in the neck, and very dull, I used to skip classes.
        I’m happy you started posting Haiku =)

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      • When I want something, I’m very stubborn and I don’t quit easily and I don’t like to fail let’s say 🙂
        Yes Haiku was fast hahha glad you liked it 😊

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