Donald Trump and Boris Johnson


At least things can’t get any worse err oh just wait. It gets worse. Much worse. Just enter Boris Johnson to the scene.

When you see pictures of Trump and Johnson you feel like watching cancer cells replicating.

The so called politicians in my country are like Trump and Johnson; they are also literal clowns full of racism and sexism.

It will get only worse, and people will be talking constantly about how worse it is for decades, we are all in this mess together.

At least we can get few laughs out of them; I had plenty of laughs from seeing these below pictures. All credits go for their creators and artists.






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  1. In my country, every 4 years, the same battle flags raise, claiming sexism and racism. I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist, but some of these people doing the flag waving have been in office for decades. The question then becomes, what have they done about it in the last 30 years?

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    • And the whole world watches this election every four years! You’re quite right Rob, what they have done. I guess it’s the case of fools fooling other fools; they only do that to gain more popularity (and they will most people are naïve)

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  2. 😂😂 funny memes!
    They will fuck up the world more together !
    Our politicians are worst I believe because they will never make a country and we’ll never be real citizens anytime soon!
    Powerful and true words 👌👌

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    • Thank you ❤ ynajina min hal jowz baladna w manta2etna mosh na2seton. Yalli 3enna the worst, have you seen a country besides our country, where people elect the warlords who caused the civil war in our country, sha3eb ghanam bi7ayatna ma rah nsir balad. W hal warlords mshalshin el 3amma rah nmout w ba3don ma meto, w iza meto byejo wledoun

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