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While the world is full of hate, discrimination and racism, I just want to tell every single of you that I love you all regardless of your religion, or skin color and regardless of if I agree with your beliefs  and you agree with mine. Racism will always exist. Sexism with always exist. Fanatic religions will always exist. DISCRIMINATION WILL ALWAYS EXIST. Abuse of power, evident from the top the bottom, will always exist. You & I can only be responsible for what we contribute and what we extract from our lives and the lives of others. Be the change you want to see. Love without expectation of love in return. Give without the expectation to receive. Perspective is everything.  This world was not meant to be perfect nor was it meant to be peaceful. It was meant to test us, tempt us, elate us, burden us, and knock us down…. All to establish our character. It’s easy to be a “good” person when there’s no adversity. But it takes a true and pure heart to remain good when faced with all the negatives.

Love is a verb and not an adjective.

Love you all ❤


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  1. From 2011:-


    If God is a verb
    And the world is an adjective
    What is the subject?

    And what of beauty
    When the beholder
    Has no I?


    ~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~


    The Old Prophet went up into the mountains in search of God, and there he had a great Realisation.

    And when he returned again to the tents of his people, they gathered round him and said, “Tell us, O Prophet, what manner of creature is this God?”

    And he looked at them for a long moment, deep in thought.

    And finally he said, slowly and unblinkingly, “God is a verb.”

    And behold, the people bowed down and worshipped dictionaries.


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  2. These are some beautiful words dear Nadine! Powerful and honest and full of unconditional love ❤️ amazing really if we can reach this point and I believe that we need to be the change we want to see in the world! And love is a verb indeed 😊
    Thank you for these loving words ❤️

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