Relationships Nowadays


Relationships have been replaced with “talking”. Which consist of pointlessly texting and a random phone call here and there. People text or “talk” merely to fill a void when they get bored. Commitment is a rare thing to find. Date nights really don’t exist much anymore. Chivalry is pretty much a thing of the past. There’s no more opening the car’s door for her or going to the front door to pick her up for a date. Today’s society cheating has been accepted way more than it should be and people classify it as a mistake. Since it is accepted more people continue to go back to the same person that has cheated on them repeatedly. (Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results) Feelings don’t really matter anymore and it’s became a hurt someone before you get hurt kind of world. Cheating or crossing the line has become way too easy with social media. People don’t put in the effort that it takes to keep a relationship healthy or work. When things get tough people give up. Relationships have lost its value over the years and they aren’t how they are supposed to be anymore. To the girls that say there aren’t any good guys left in the world, maybe you should reevaluate the kind of guys you pursue. To the guys that can’t find a good girl, I can guarantee that you aren’t looking in the right places.



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    • That’s the problem of our world. the good people think they are undeserving for love and afraid to make the first move. While the bad and narcissistic people are bold and don’t care if they break other people heart

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  1. I Am still an old romantic. Open doors For my lady and close them behind. Make sure that she’s on the inside to protect from the puddles etc. Relationships do take a lot of effort and social media destroys a lot of relationships-because people can’t be bothered

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  2. you are so right, you even were soft in comparison to what’s really happening! Loyalty and honesty are outdated and also noble gestures! But I say that despite all this, each person can still be what they love and want to be, they can start from themselves, be loyal, be romantic, be noble and loving even if the entire world did the opposite, and as you said there are lot of good guys and girls out there but most people search in the wrong places actually and then they complain that nobody is good enough
    Great post 🙂 ❤

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  3. I wish I can click more than like on this post. It points out so much many true and tragic stuff. Things that use to be so normal is now nothing but something rare and hardly exist.
    That photo at the end speaks volume.

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      • Exactly, I guess some people get bored with the married routine life, and start using these apps for “harmless flirtation”, but they don’t know this “harmless flirtation” is considered cheating and sometimes it will develop to something more serious

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      • Oh yeah definitely it will go to that serious and painful route of betrayal or cheating. It’s sad but it really happens. It’s not right to justify cheating, but sometimes we have to, just to keep the marriage. 😦

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