Quote of the Week:You Don’t Have To Be Friends With Everybody


“We live in an age where we feel guilt whenever we have to cut someone off but the reality is that some relationships do need to die, some people do need to be unfollowed and defriended. We aren’t meant to be this tethered to the people in our past.

The Internet mandates that we don’t burn bridges and keep everyone around like relics but those expectations are unrealistic and unhealthy. Simply put, we don’t need to know what everyone else is up to. We’re allowed to be choosy about who we surround ourselves with online and in real life, even if it might hurt people’s feelings.” by Ryan O’Connell


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  1. This is so true! Some people are in our life for short time, some have only one scene to play and then they must leave….The most important for me is that people should accept that love can end and emotions can change and Just let go!
    Thank you Nado and enjoy your hot weekend 😀 that was mean sorry :/ )

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    • What you just said Agou is simply wise. We need to accept that not every friend is going to stay with us forever, maybe their friendship was meant for that particular time of your life, but the lessons, love that you gain from them will remain forever, Things change, people change, so we need to move on, there are so many toxic people in our life that it’s better to cut tie with them.
      Thanks for the wishes, this weekend was one of the hottest weekend this summer, why didn’t you wish me to win $1 million dollar instead you meanie

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      • Exactly the way you explained it further 😊
        walla ya Nadine nshallah terba7i 2 million dollars msh one 😁 bass tzakarina eza rbe7ti ok? Basss el hot summer wasn’t a wish, I was stating a fact based on the broadcast news haha

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      • I knew it!!!! Anyway I only know your name is Nadine so you don’t even need to hide 😁
        Walla ya Nadine nshallah b hal kam yom bitbayen baweder in7isar b mawjit el 7arr 🌞🌞🌞🌞
        How the hell I know 😂😂😂


  2. Not the internet demands, I guess you as a person has a choice to use or not use internet-social media. Actually you should be glad to be able to pay for the internet ( read my last post if you want to see what getting money out) anyways, my actual point is that I do follow people for one reason, they are interesting. It normally is literatura, but also art and photography and talking about Jesus, food blogs, you name it I follow. Not every single day but I learn from those people. I call this my ” free university” free if you take out the money I pay the landlord lady for the internet. Never unfollow, you might not read the people day after day, if you do it would be kind of nuts, but pic 50 people and really read them. Just a thought, don´t get angry or something.

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    • No need to get angry, what you said is truth. I use the internet the same way as you do. You use the internet in a wise and healthy way, you use it to learn new things and interact with interesting people. In your case there is no obsession about social media like I need to follow everyone and like all their posts, or they won’t follow me back. I think with social media we need to send some boundaries we cannot befriend everyone in here, or spent most of our times in here.

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