Here But Gone Away


When he looked in the mirror
He had not a clue
That the old wrinkled up man
Was really him
I sit next to him and watch his expression closely.
Somewhere inside his life is living again
And sometimes he sheds a tear or two
When a slight memory comes to his mind
I can tell when he remembers his mother
his eyes soften, glistening from the hove he still feels after all these years
“Don’t leave me, I know you
My heart knows you I don’t
My heart loves you I’m sure
I just don’t know your name” I can read those words sometimes in his eyes
But lately his eyes are full of void
It’s like watching the sunset.
Last soothing light before darkness takes over and it gets cold

(September is world Alzheimer’s awareness month, Alzheimer’s  disease is the most common form of dementia. I have an uncle who suffers from it, and some of my friends and acquaintances have a relative who suffer from it)


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    When I am old, do you suppose
    That hairs will grow out of my nose,
    And as I count the passing years
    Will tufts of it sprout from my ears?

    When arms and legs are thin and frail
    And memory begins to fail
    Shall I recall those days gone by
    When passing women sought my eye?

    When face is wrinkled, fold on fold,
    And summer heatwaves leave me cold,
    And teeth are gone, and eyes are weak,
    Shall I lose all desire to speak?

    When I have lived my lifespan through
    And found at last a perfect view
    Will others see there no more than
    The mumblings of a mad old man?

    When I am always far away,
    Too deaf to hear a word you say,
    Your feelings – will they be the same
    When I keep asking you your name?

    When mind’s decayed, and flesh repels,
    And speech no longer casts its spells;
    When I am old, then we shall see
    Just what it was you loved in me.

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      • I hope you can find a way to lessen your terror. When I reached 70 I felt as though the really significant years of my life were now beginning with the preceding ones, however enjoyable, being mere preparation.

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      • I hope that too. Getting old really scares me, I always wonder what will happen to my body when I get really old, will I become a burden, will I lose my memory, will I be able to walk, what about my finances, etc..Your words give me hope of better future and not to worry so much. When I was in my 20’s I thought being 30s is the end of life. Now I am in my thirties I’m now more mature and happier with my choices and more grateful for all the blessings in my life,

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    • Thank you ❤ me too, me too I fear the old age so much. Are we only what our memories are?<<<<<Yes what we are without our memories, without recognizing the faces of our loved ones.


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