I Found You Everywhere


I found you everywhere

In the smoke of morning tea cup

In the turns of heartbreaks

In the eyes of the lost girl

In the arms of the last hug

And in the storms of the demons



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    • Thank you Jess ❤ Oh I love this song, not surprised you didn't hear it though it is popular Trance song, but if you're not into that genre of music there's high probability you don't know about it. I'm glad you love it =)

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      • I’m not really into any kind of genre. What matters to me is that the song attracts me and makes me in love with it. But you’re right, I didn’t hear about trance music but after searching I found out that I have a couple of them in my fav collection 😀

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      • Me too I’m open to any kind of music (well maybe except Jazz), I even listen to songs in which I don’t know the language but hey music is music. I hope sometimes you share those Trance songs in your blog with us =)


      • We’re the same. I’m not into jazz either. My husband hates it. He said “it’s music for drunk people. You can go on and on with the playing because it has no beginning nor end” haha 😀

        You right. Music is music, and yeah, I’ll share one, one day.

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