Is Ignorance a bliss?


“Ignorance is bliss.” I realize Thomas Gray’s famous quote is often misconstrued, however, I think interpreting it in this way is equally important as the original. When staying up late and obsessing over the incredible amount of problems the world faces and has been facing for centuries. Website after website, book after book. Sometimes I find answers but most of the time I don’t. This tends to make me extremely upset, which in turn leads to even more reading and researching. I get sad over things that will never affect me. I want to help find solutions to all of these issues, but I couldn’t possibly do that in the short amount of time I have on earth. In this way, my constant thirst for knowledge is really damaging to my mental health. I can’t say I wish I was ignorant to everything I have learned, but there is definitely comfort in not knowing. It’s much easier to be happy when you turn a blind eye to the suffering, corruption, poverty and other problems in the world. In my own words I would say that knowledge isn’t always power, and it sure as hell won’t help you sleep at night either.


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  1. I feel much the same as you do. What I try to do to balance out my thoughts is to become unplugged each weekend. No news, no stress, just peace and recreation. That helps me come to terms with the world that we live in.

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    • That’s a very great advice Rob, that’s what exactly we should do since bad news keep following us every minute. I used to turn off my phone during weekends and try to find a way to relax away from all the problems (like going to pubs or to nature)

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  2. I can totally sympathize Nadine. I too suffered from sleepless night over the problems in the world which I feel so powerless. And make me think like, If only I have the power… the one that I couldn’t forget was the news about a woman who held her 7 month old baby to sit in the boiling water halfway up her chest and listened as the baby cry for more than 15mins until the father came and pull the baby away. The worst is that she even tried to make her husband defense her while their baby was dying in the hospital. The article made me cry and I really feel to do the same cruel thing to that woman… gosh 😥 but on the flip side, after knowing all the things I know, I don’t wish to get back into not knowing them…

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  3. I actually do think knowledge is power, being ignorant or being ignorant wishfully it´s an easy escape from reality. Reality has it´s good things and bad things and there is a way to balance it out which I myself haven’t figured out yet. You talk about poverty….I have been homeless, live now taking care of my ill mother in a nice apartment, but my house is a room that I pay 200$ and have only 200% to pay water or electricity bill and eat. Not much, but I´m happy. I have been worst. It´s all in the mind, either you decide to become a victim or a survivor. And talking about the pension of 400$ that is given to me by the State, now in Spain things are going extremely bad so I live month to month not knowing if next month I´ll get those 400$. And when they cut it off I´ll have to adapt, my body is not physically capable of doing the jobs I did like gardening, construction, even being a bartender, I can´t be standing all day long without my back starting to hurt like hell. But I have to adapt if the state takes away the pension, not easy leaving not knowing what is going to happen economically next month. It can bring some anxiety but I look at the others I live with and remember what I have gone through and I stop the crying. Crying for sure is not going to solve anything, and I really don’t care much about poverty in the world or climate change e.t.c. People who struggle day to day don’t have time to care about that, they care to survive for themselves.

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    • Gosh your story is so touching and heartbreaking. You don’t only to have to take care of yourself but also of your sick mother, and I’m sure you’re more worried about her than yourself. $400 per month is really nothing. Despite everything you’re going through, there is so much positivism in your words, and persistence cannot be stressed enough. You making it through this is a testament to your character, and it is something no one can take away from you.
      You said “being ignorant wishfully it´s an easy escape from reality”, yes, I admit this is very true. I live in a country collapsing economically, ruled by corrupted politicians, and future does look uncertain for all of us…bad news happen each day here: kids die because their parents don’t have enough money for hospitals (here you cannot be admitted it to a hospital if you don’t pay money first), some people don’t have even a dime to buy bread, some homeless elderly and children living on the streets, young siblings died because their house collapsed since they don’t have any money to fix their very old house…yes sometimes I wish I could be ignorant towards what’s going on because I feel helpless, insignificant, and powerless into helping all these people. There is so much unfairness and injustice in this world and it is so sad sometimes we cannot do anything about it.
      Thank you so much for sharing your story, and for being so raw and honest.


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