They tell me it’s important to never forget who you are or where you come from, the rest is all irrelevant. For that reason I have done a lot of soul searching and began on the quest to discover who I am spiritually, while never forgetting what I have already learned. I don’t know where life will take me, or how I will make the journey, but no one will ever take away where the journey began. That’s why I love to write; I write about everything: emotions, society, the things that I’ve experienced or felt but can’t explain., love, life, friends, politics or even oneself or others. My goal as a writer is to be perceived as the Artist that can write the unspoken words of your soul.



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  8. Hello to another Blogger’s World member. I am making the tour to visit BW members and mark some follows. I have marked your follow and hope to see more of you. I enjoy browsing your blog. I hope you will come see me sometime.

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