They tell me it’s important to never forget who you are or where you come from, the rest is all irrelevant. For that reason I have done a lot of soul searching and began on the quest to discover who I am spiritually, while never forgetting what I have already learned. I don’t know where life will take me, or how I will make the journey, but no one will ever take away where the journey began. That’s why I love to write; I write about everything: emotions, society, the things that I’ve experienced or felt but can’t explain., love, life, friends, politics or even oneself or others. My goal as a writer is to be perceived as the Artist that can write the unspoken words of your soul.


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  8. Hello to another Blogger’s World member. I am making the tour to visit BW members and mark some follows. I have marked your follow and hope to see more of you. I enjoy browsing your blog. I hope you will come see me sometime.

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  10. Good to connect with you Nadine. Had gone to Your About page to know which country you are from. Didn’t learn that but what you are About is beautiful. All the best in your seeking and searching. Love and blessings

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