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Haiku: Before it’s too late


Plant flowers in people’s hearts
instead of leaving them upon their graves
Before it’s too late.



Atheist vs Silly Questions


When people found out that I’m atheist; they seem to be shocked by my disbelief. Religious people have hard time understanding that their religion applies only to them, and that they can’t shove it down everyone’s throat. Here are my answers to some silly questions

  • Q: Why you hate god?

A: I don’t hate god in fact I can’t hate something that doesn’t exist; it’s like hating the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. I simply don’t feel the need to believe in a magic father in the sky. It doesn’t matter which religion you follow as god is god in any religion and every single one of them portrays him as a sadistic tyrant that people worship out of ignorance and disbelief.


  • Q: Then do you worship Satan?

A: “Hail Satan, “sacrifices a goat”. No, sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t believe in him either. Wait, are you one of “satan blamers” you know the people who blame satan for all the bad things in this world. Then in this case, you have to admit that satan is more powerful than your god, or your god would intervene to stop him.


  • Q: What happened to you that was so bad that you quit believing in god?

A: Well, you don’t need trauma to have a common sense. I no longer believe because there is no evidence, religion for me is nothing but a con.


  • Q: So you don’t believe in any religion?

A: Why are you asking this question; don’t you know the definition of an atheist. Next Christmas, I will buy you a Merriam Webster’s dictionary, it would be more useful than your bible. Religions are crutch for weak minded people to latch onto because they can’t even tie their shoes without messing it up so they need “god” to tell to do everything. Religion is the simplest answer for primitives whose minds couldn’t fathom the possibility of an endless universe.


  • Q: Aren’t you afraid of going to hell?

A: Hell isn’t a real place. If believing in some invisible man in the sky is keeping tabs on my every moment in order to harshly judge me after death then thank you but NO, I would rather rot in hell and enjoy my life while I’m alive.  When to think about it, hell is not a bad place after all, no dull moment in it: You can get a free tan, throw a big party with atheists’ celebrities and rock stars, and engage in interesting conversations with atheists’ philosophers


  • If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Oh no, not the ape question! Seriously, aren’t you people tired of asking over and over the same question that only shows your lack to really grasp what evolution really is? This is a very old question that has been answered many times, and it either falls on deaf ears or is beyond the understanding of the listener; that’s why I stopped answering this question.


Now, take a look at the world do you see a lot of miracles happening? Do you see god’s will being brought through? Do you see god’s infamous mind control? If there was god, there’d be no murder, no hate, no bigotry, no racism, etc… There is no god. There’s just the sky, outer space, the sun, and our useless asses.

Don’t give up


If you feel like giving up when doors keep closing in your face, when you  have been treated unfairly when things seem precarious, when the good things you do turn out wrong, when others let you down when you needed them and the reasons could go on and on.  Just remember all those disappointments can be turned around, I myself have faced some similar situations with next to little or no help at all. I used the disappointment to fire me up to prove not just to myself but those who I felt hurt by that I can still do the things I need and want to do with or without them

 So, no matter what you’re going through how hard things may seem you still have a choice give up and do nothing or stand up for yourself and do the very thing that others are trying to stop and put you off doing. Just work twice as hard for yourself to get what you need and want

 It takes courage to face the things that make you feel a sense of fear; fear of things not working out fear of having money problems; fear of doing things alone, etc . All those fears are just floating in your mind and can be dispelled with positive actions. So be careful not to let your fears and disappointments put you off what you need to do; and don’t give up on yourself because of others or situations not going how you wanted them to, stay positive and keep doing what you need to do to better yourself.




Loneliness wears so many faces

It is the child who hides under the bed playing with his imaginary friends and creating fairy tales and mystical lands in his mind while his parents fighting downstairs

It is the mother who pretends to be in a crowded room and close her eyes so it doesn’t hurt when she sees that no one is there; she’s like an ancient tomb of an unsung forgotten warrior that no one is visiting anymore

It is the man with the big life and dreams, who laughs too loud, and works way too much, because he doesn’t want to go to an empty home

It is the married couple who sleep on the same bed, but the dead silence had wrapped itself upon them like a blanket on a cold winter night

It is the alcoholic you see every Friday night in the pub who thinks a bottle of liquor is his only source of warmth and attention

It is the woman you meet in the same pub with the red lipsticks, a broken smile, and a pair of eyes afraid to meet yours

It is the girl who counts the “likes” on her Facebook and Instagram posts trying to enhance her image and validate her own false reality

There are far too many people on this planet who are lonely, unloved, and uncared for; and each one of them is trying to hide their loneliness differently


Living life in a colorless world


Feeling nothing is not natural. Not many are born

without joy or hatred. Emotions are not switches to be turned on and off

at one’s will. They are lenses of colored glass held up to the eye

through which the world

starkly contrasts itself.

When you get to the point where your emotions are all out of whack and you smile instead of cry, or just apologize because you can’t deal with losing anyone else, your world becomes filled with mixed emotions.

In this state, eyes are dull without feeling

and lips move to soundless words

because nothing has meaning.

Living life in a colorless world for a lost soul results in moving through each day trying to get through the day with great effort…but knowing you’re heading towards the nothingness ahead can be overbearing and can cause an unbearable feeling of being alone….Every situation is more intense and every situation involving loved ones, friends, and even your professional life can make it seem like all is lost when one thing goes wrong.

It’s hard living life, but each day you wake up…it has to be for a positive reason right??


Truth and Lies


We live in a world that is upside down, that says one thing and does another. We are told to tell the truth and then told to be polite (which urging us to lie all the time with the intention of saving face and keeping everybody happy). The rules that we are brought up with keep changing. The real truth about all of us mentally is that we are confused, and control is part of that confusion. We feel we need to control ourselves in order to tell the lies we are forced to tell and to keep up with the rules as they keep changing. Once we enter the world of control (even of ourselves), we are then susceptible to being controlled by anyone and everyone. We are lost and confused

We lie in marriages, we lie in business, we lie in religions, we lie in schools, and we lie in government. We are all liars, we have created a world of illusion from words, and the brain we are born with becomes polluted with the fake. We can pretend that we are kind and do good deeds to fool ourselves that we are helping the world, but we have separated ourselves from the truth, and we have each created this fake self. When you tell a lie; you’re saying that someone either isn’t worth the truth, doesn’t deserve the truth, or can’t be trusted with the truth. Everyone deserves it, though, and it’s up to them what to do with it, not you.

Truth is a living, vibrant thing. It lives and dies every second. Lies do not die until the truth of them is spoken.





For those who don’t know the full extent of what depression is… it is not an emotion that manifests only when circumstance presents an unfortunate causation, to then fleet away when the cause and circumstances change. It is the occurrence of unbalanced chemical activity in the brain which may spark sudden and unexpected severe mood changes that do not warrant cause or circumstantial stimuli. However, cause and circumstance can worsen the effect of depression. So the next time you see a friend or loved one hurting in a depressive state, don’t ask them “what’s wrong?” or “what happened?”.

Instead, probe to find out what you can do to make them feel better. Ask them if they would like to build a hidden fortress out of blankets, ask them if they’d like to help you demolish a bucket of ice cream while you tell them fun stories or memories. Be a friend… not just another face in the crowd who doesn’t try to understand.

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