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Dear Ex


Dear Ex,

You were my heroin, but I recovered and I intend to stay clean. I’ve changed so much, I came such a long way that I can’t imagine going back. And like a recovering addict I will miss you, but I will never want you.

I woke up today and realized my heart didn’t flutter when I saw your picture. You’ve become that guy from Gotye song that was all over the radio a couple years ago

Thanks for the toxic love and wasted time


The girl who no longer cares

“she smiled to herself while writing this letter, yesterday is a million miles away, and forever ended yesterday


Addicted to You


You make me feel something

No one else has ever made me feel

You are the eclipse to my sun

Don’t know why but whenever I’m with you

My heart is unsteady and my heads keep spinning around

I swear I can hear your voice in the song of a bird

I don’t think a day passes by where

I don’t think about you

Your essence is like an ecstasy I consume on daily basis