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Here But Gone Away


When he looked in the mirror
He had not a clue
That the old wrinkled up man
Was really him
I sit next to him and watch his expression closely.
Somewhere inside his life is living again
And sometimes he sheds a tear or two
When a slight memory comes to his mind
I can tell when he remembers his mother
his eyes soften, glistening from the hove he still feels after all these years
“Don’t leave me, I know you
My heart knows you I don’t
My heart loves you I’m sure
I just don’t know your name” I can read those words sometimes in his eyes
But lately his eyes are full of void
It’s like watching the sunset.
Last soothing light before darkness takes over and it gets cold

(September is world Alzheimer’s awareness month, Alzheimer’s  disease is the most common form of dementia. I have an uncle who suffers from it, and some of my friends and acquaintances have a relative who suffer from it)