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Beauty is Skin Deep


Beauty is only skin deep
The inside is what matters
The outside is superficial
Carnal beauty to feast your eyes upon
The body the flesh the passions
That is all it is
To find the truth
Go deep to the core
Where the soul dwells
And true beauty be revealed
Like crystal clear water


China Doll


China Doll

On a shelf she sits,
On the wall,
Beautiful and defined,
The china doll.

They pass her by,
Smile and look.
Her soul,
An unread book.

She just wants,
To be hugged and loved.
Nobody stop,
In the corner she’s snubbed.

Afraid she’ll get broken,
so they leave her alone.
The pain in her heart,

 Leaves her cold as stone.


Your Eyes


Your eyes dry up the rain and melt the snow

Through your eyes you took me to places I’d never gone

And showed me things I’d never known

The only time I ignore the world around me is

When l look into your beautiful eyes

Without your eyes I’d be stuck in an unknown land

Without a way out or even oxygen to breath


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/eyes/”>Eyes</a&gt;



You cover your skin with tons of make up

You think it will make you look pretty, that’s what society tells you everyday

You are told to hate your own face,

You try to hide your imperfections that you find in yourself under layers of color

You need to remember that beauty is only skin deep

So smile, widely & beautifully from sheer bliss of the moment

Not worrying how you think you look.

When you are genuinely happy you are most beautiful.

Spend less time applying make-up and more time making-up