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The Price of Christmas


The materialistic orgy that Christmas has become deeply saddens me.

There is this competition between adults in any family to see who can buy their parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles the best, most expensive gift or to see who can outdo the other in gifts among themselves.

The focus of Christmas has become consumerism which is basically the exact opposite of the teachings of Jesus.

I’m not religious person by any means, but it seems really hypocritical to celebrate the life of a guy who preached against greed and materialism by focusing on materialism.

Just an advice: Never get into debt trying to show people you care… Don’t get sucked into consumerism. Your time and presence is so much more precious than any present.


Thursday’s fun corner: Christmas Edition


When people ask me what I’m going to bring them this Christmas:


Sorry Mom, and everyone born in December:


Sexy Santa: Come to Mama ❤


Eww Naughty Santa

naughty santa

The perfect revenge of the awful Secret Santa in your office. Karma is a bitch:


The best gift for the annoying kids in your family:


Relationship advice, so we don’t have to hear you signing “Last Christmas” next year:


Speaking of Last Christmas song: