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My Sweet Escape


A friend: Why do you love him so much, Nadine?

Me: Because he’s my sweet escape.

A friend: From?

Me: Everything. Whenever he hold my hand, my worries will cease to exist and happiness will consume me and I began to embrace love, imagination, innocence, absurdity and craziness. I am Peter Pan and he is my Neverland.


Live your life


A friend: where we will go, after we die?

Me: Why do you care?

A friend: What if I died tomorrow, will I go to heaven?

Me: Look up!! Just see how the sky is turning blue losing its drabness and monotony.

A friend: what does this even mean?

Me: It means you’re not dead so stop acting like one! Just like the sky, you are a beauty and a bringer of happiness and smiles. You were placed here to live not to just exist. So don’t be afraid to take the extra mile and stop assuming for the worst.



If we’re having a cup coffee right now


If we’re having a cup coffee right now, we will be sitting in a coffee shop. The first thing you will notice that I’m not drinking coffee instead I’m drinking hot chocolate and you will ask me why? I will simply respond that I don’t like it and then you start explaining how much you love this magical black elixir.

If you’re having a cup of coffee with me right now, I want you to come as you are ; fake people as the three dollar bill don’t have a place in my life. So please just be you; funny, nerdy, weird, smart, shy or imperfect. With me there are no games or pretending

If you’re having a cup of coffee with me right now, we will be talking about everything and anything. I want you to be comfortable enough with me and don’t hold back. I want you to show me the hidden parts of yourself and I might even show you mine. I want to see the world from your point of view.

If you’re having a cup of coffee with me right now, I will ask you to tell me a story about reality and unreality. And if you inspired me enough I might write about your stories.

If you’re having a cup of coffee with me right now, I will invite you to play a little game. We will look at the crowd in the coffee shop and randomly pick two persons sitting with each other. We will be role-playing the conversation of these two persons by imagining what they are talking about, and who they are.